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Label Terminated The Cooperation, Consequences

Label Terminated The Cooperation, Consequences
July 07, 2019

Actually, the new Album from the TAU CROSS with the title "Messengers Of Deception" on the 08. August via Relapse Records appear. But the Label has stopped the release of the album and, in addition, any further cooperation with the Band ended. The reason: a tape head, Rob Miller (ex-amebix got together and had) has submitted a thanksgiving, among other things, Gerard Menuhin, a notorious Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist. Relapse stopped the release of the new album immediately and banished the Band from the own Portfolio.

This set a number of opinions in response. First distance, the rest of the band members from the opinion of Miller were and expressed their amazement at how such a Detail in the framework of the promotion campaign to the already-announced Album, both of them, as well as the Label overlooked it could be.

Miller responded with their own Posts on the band page to word, defended his opinion to Menuhin, specifically one of his books, repeatedly and "liberated" two members of the Band:

"I am releasing Michel Langevin from Tau Cross, he should not be associated with this band in any manner in the future..."

"Andy Lefton is released with immediate effect..."

He added that the other members would probably go self-employed. He himself would lead the TAU CROSS, however, whether with or without you. Literally, he wrote:

"i want to continue this band, even if it becomes a sad one man and a dog for tape-making venture" [sic].

In the meantime, the band page has been deleted on Facebook by the way, inactive or may be entirely.