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Lemmy Can

September 02, 2015

The health problems of MOTÖRHEAD-the head and the Rock ‘N’ Roll legend Lemmy Kilmister to keep: On Tuesday evening broke the MOTORHEAD concert in Austin, Texas after only three songs (“Damage Case” “Stay Clean” and “We Are Motorhead”). Lemmy said the fourth piece, “Metropolis”, but before it started, he told the audience: “I can't do it.” He and the Rest of the Band walked off the stage, and then once again return and ask the disappointed followers with the following words, to be understanding: “I would like to play for you, but I can't. I beg you to excuse me. The next Time, Yes?”

Already in the last week, MOTÖRHEAD had their gig in Salt Lake City shorten; as a reason, it was the great height of the city, and Lemmy's therefore touching Breathing difficulties.