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Lemmy: The Book Comes

March 02, 2016

Ian Fraser Kilmister (24. December 1945 – 28. December 2015) – known to the world as Lemmy was more than the driving force behind Motorhead. Known for his Talent for telling stories and Philosophizing, he was first and foremost a musician, and a trailblazer, whose love of music has led to numerous projects involved in it. HAWKWIND and MOTORHEAD Fan Alan Burridge was published in the summer of 1979, the idea of a Fanzine about Motorhead. A few months later, after he was allowed to Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Philthy Animal Taylor four Times on the “Bomber”Tour experience, the Interviews and Live Reviews, the basis for the first “Motorhead bangers”-Fanzine, which was published in January 1980. Three years later, Lemmy, Alan asked if he would like to put together the Fanzine with the “Motorhead bangers”fan club, has been led to date by Phil's sister Helen and father John. Alan was immediately and can write up to the present day, over 100 editions of the Fanzines on the Flag. In addition, he wrote numerous books about his beloved MOTORHEAD. Completely immersed in everything that has to do with the Band, started by Alan, everything to enumerate, and to investigate what had made Lemmy outside of the Band. In “Collateral Damage” is in the Spotlight on all the Bands and projects in Lemmy's life, and in addition to MOTÖRHEAD. The participation in films and TV Shows, album tracks, Singles and Downloads have been catalogued. According to Lemmy's sad death on 28. December 2015, is “Collateral Damage” is a true Celebration of Lemmy's life, and Motorhead. The book (release date expected to be 15. August 2016) contains a hand-written Foreword by Lemmy, at the last Motorhead Show in Berlin on the 11. December 2015 was written and published in Germany as the English Version.