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Limited Edition Vinyl Of "30 Years Live"

January 20, 2016

26. February BAD RELIGION gracing the world with a limited-edition Vinyl Version of their Live documentation of 3 decades, which was recorded on 4 Shows in the year 2010. As one of the most important Punk Bands, the musicians with a legendary Line-Up (Greg Graffin, Brett is their first,Jay Bentley, Brian Baker, Greg Hetson and Brooks Wackerman) have played their greatest Hits. Was mixed with the Whole of the well-known Mike Fraser. The Pre-Orders are already up and Running.

The Tracklist includes 17 Songs, and reads as follows:

1. Fuck Armageddon, This is Hell
2. Dearly Beloved
3. Suffer
4. Man With A Mission
5. New Dark Ages
6. Germs of Perfection
7. Marked
8. A Walk
9. Flat Earth Society
10. The Resist Stance
11. American Jesus
12. Social Suicide
13. Atheist Peace
14. Tomorrow
15. Won’t Somebody
16. Los Angeles Is Burning
17. We're Only Gonna die