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Linnéa Gets

May 04, 2016

Bad news of GRAVE PLEASURES. After the successful debut of the “dream crash” and extensive Live activities of guitarist Linnéa Olsson (formerly of THE OATH) sweeps surprisingly the sail. Exact reasons are not yet known, obviously, the Swede got off, but voluntarily, on their own project focus.
Below is the translated Version of the official Statements, which you here can find: “the GRAVE PLEASURES was an intense adventure, and a creative Experiment. The last one and a half years allowed me to grow as a songwriter and performer, and to experience the life and music of strange and new perspectives. Now is the time to go to the next step. Therefore, I have decided to leave the Band. I am going to focus on my own project, and hopefully it will be something to present later this year, auditable. Big thanks to Uno, Juho, Mat & Valtteri just like all you people on the Tour for your much appreciated support. I hope we see us in my next Chapter.”
The remaining members of the band want to Express a soon-to-be of the future or new plans. We will keep you up to date.