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Listen To The Song "Tul-ni-ca-cow" From The Upcoming Album "Zi"

Listen To The Song "Tul-ni-ca-cow" From The Upcoming Album "Zi"
August 17, 2016

30. September 2016, the new Album of the Romanian Folk Black metallers NEGURĂ THEY appear. The Album is in the name of “Zi” listen to and like the predecessor “Tău” , and the previous works on Prophecy Productions and Lupus Lounge appear. Since today you can now hear the Track “Tul-ni-ca-cow”, to which there is to see on a Youtube Video.

NEGURĂ THEY “Tul-ni-ca-cow” from the upcoming Album “Zi”:

Negru, vocalist and only remaining founding THEY a member of NEGURĂ, commented on the Song:

“‘Tul-ni-ca-cow’ is a Song about Sending a message, a message between places, between worlds, between different stages of consciousness. It all starts with a traditional Romanian Instrument called the Tulnic, the traditional communities always as a signal of the tool used, but also on funeral ceremonies is used. Traditionally, there are in all of the local funeral ceremonies of a complex connection between the world of the Living and the dead, with actions that reflect both worlds, ceremonies, rituals and silence. Most of our Songs are hard to explain and this is no exception. Although it starts with a few concrete elements, it is more in the Unknown and the Mysterious, where death is not the end but merely a Transition into another Dimension.”

Here is the Cover Artwork of the album:

NEGURĂ THEY “Zi” (a new Album in 2016) – Cover Artwork:

Negură They “Zi” (Album, 2016) – Cover Artwork