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Lyric Will Present The Video To New Single

Lyric Will Present The Video To New Single
June 10, 2019

"Dawn Of The dragon star" is the title of the new work of the Swedish Adventure-metal band TWILIGHT FORCE, the 16. August 2019 via Nuclear Blast, the light of the world will see. After recently, the mystery of its publication, has been dissolved, has sent the troupe is now a first musical Herald called "Night Of the winter light". The Video you can see below:

Keyboardist black forest for the new Single: "your powerful wizard and a warrior in the Kingdom of men! Today we present you with the first part of our third drive: "the Night Of the winter light, Create". This is the story of an infinitely powerful Primal mage, who has control over life and light. The story of a darkness, distributor, and star healer. He returns in the night of the winter light, to bring order and new courage into the realm of the Living. The third Chapter of our adventure, "Dawn Of The dragon star", will bring you a total of ten musical journeys through the Twilight Kingdoms, which allow you time and space to cross, and you as the narratives, legends will bring and prophecies hidden in the mystical world of TWILIGHT FORCE, closer. We promise you tales of heroes, Queens and kings, magical artifacts, legendary places and historical monsters; all of this Packed into a blazing-fast, sparkling soundscape, which is full of liveliness is the only way. Join us to experience again a breathtaking adventure. May the Power of the dragon to you!“

The Album will be available as a Jewelcase-CD, Digibook, Vinyl as well as available in digital Form. Both the Vinyl as well as the limited Digibook Edition of the entourage will provide some bonus tracks. One of them is a cover version of the song "The Power Of The Ancient Force" (2014), interpreted by the Singer-songwriter Hanna Turi. The next Song, an orchestral version of "With The Light Of A Thousand Suns," takes you on a instrumental journey in the westernmost Kingdom of Vhardas. Finally, there are the demo versions of two old TWILIGHT FORCE-Songs, "Forest Of Destiny" and "Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom", which do not originate from the times when TWILIGHT FORCE still existed as a unit.

The Tracklist of "Dawn Of The dragon star" reads as follows:

Dawn Of The Dragon Star Thunder word Long Live The King With The Light Of A Thousand Suns Winds Of Wisdom Queen Of Eternity Valley Of The Vale Hydra Night Of Winter Light Blade Of Immortal Steel The Power Of The Ancient Force (HANNA TURI-Version)* With The Light Of A Thousand Suns (Orchestral Version)* Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom (Demo Version 2007)* Forest of Destiny (demo version 2007)*
*Bonus tracks (only DIGIBOOK and 2LP)

For the recordings of the new album, the band was once more looking for your own Twilight Forge home. For the first time on an Album with the new singer Allyon, has joined in the year 2018, the Band is.

The Band is says: "Look! We are incredibly pleased to finally have the third Chapter of the TWILIGHT FORCE-Saga announce: "Dawn Of The dragon star". The incredible charming Artwork comes again from the pen of the mighty Kerem Beyit, captures in a brilliant way, the adventurous and magical world of the Twilight Kingdoms; and there is no doubt that this Time a thrilling adventure awaits is. "Dawn Of The dragon star" is from the 16th century. To purchase August at the dealer of your trust be. It only takes a little patience, dear friends! Until then: Practice cry your Battle, sharpen your swords and dust off your spell books. Brace yourselves, that you may be our next triptych-adventure grown to be like.“

Twilight Force – Dawn Of The dragon star (Artwork by Kerem Beyit)