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Make A New Guitarist Before

Make A New Guitarist Before
February 28, 2019

German thrashers DESTRUCTION will introduce their new guitarist Damir Eskic, will in the future play in the Band as a second guitarist in addition to the veteran Mike.
Damir is a Swiss guitarist, me of Bosnian descent and is, as a former student of Tommy Vetterli (CORONER), today his character even a guitar teacher. He plays next to DESTRUCTION in the Heavy Metal Band GOMORRAH, and has already been featured on the 2016 DESTRUCTION Album "Under Attack" in three of the solos.
DESTRUCTION are currently working on their upcoming Studio album, which is to be released in August 2019 via Nuclear Blast.
The new Songs have already been written for two guitarists, and recorded.

The Band has prepared a short Video in which you introduce your new band mates.

Vocalist Schmier comments:
"Yes – we have finally done it again!
For years we have talked about it, but we just needed the RIGHT! Damir Eskic IS the Right one! He is not only an extremely talented musician, but also a good friend of the Band. He is sure to amaze and the story of DESTRUCTION pay tribute, he himself is a Fan of our music!
To be a Trio, was something very Special for us, which we were for years with pride, but there was also a time when we were fourth in DESTRUCTION, with a second guitar. Now is the time, this line-up resume! We know that there are many Fans who have waited a very long time.
We have written the entire new Album for two guitars and recorded, what will make our music live is even more intense, it will also give us the opportunity to play the Songs live, we were not able to play for a very long time... it's exciting times to come!
Let's here a New invention!
With Randy Black on drums and Damir Eskic as a lead guitarist, we have some fresh blood in the Band, sometimes you need urgently to reach new goals. It's the thrash will keep machine strong! We are ready for new adventures!
We see us soon on Tour – the new record will be out in August via Nuclear Blast!“

Damir adds:
"I'm very happy to be a part of this Thrash Metal-family, and one of the best Bands of the genre to join. Three guest Solos on the UNDER ATTACK Album meant a lot to me, and now, a few years later, we have become close friends and I am so pleased to be a part of it all! I can't wait to meet all the Fans throughout the world and to Thrash with the boys on the stage!“