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Making-of "Fire From The Evening Sun"

April 14, 2015

Rick Kosick has a Video of the Making-of of “Fire From The Evening Sun” – the second Album of the Band PHILM on his Youtube channel released. PHILM, the Band of former SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo. In addition to Lombardo, vocalist and guitarist Gerry Paul Nestler (CIVIL war), and Francisco “Pancho” Eduardo Tomaselli (WAR) PHILM.

Kosick: “PHILM the Drum Parts for “Fire From The Evening Sun have included” in the “house Of Rock”Studios in Santa Monica, California, the home of the singer Kathryn Grayson. This Studio, or at home is great. It has a great atmosphere, which creates a pleasant working environment.”

“When I shot the Video, I didn't know that Dave Lombardo would import all of the twelve Drum Tracks in a day. Impressive!”

“I remember that Dave was on this day, very concentrated. He had this certain expression in his face – that it is serious. I'm still surprised that he drilled no holes in his drum kit. He has played like a Madman. Pancho and Gerry were implemented to this day, even in the best of shape, and the three musicians all with no problems. What you should expect from professionals?”

“I am glad that with this Video, everything is smooth running, and what a great opportunity to be able to this important process in the design of an album to document.”

The Video you can see here: