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Martin Mendez Talks About His Next Project

Martin Mendez Talks About His Next Project
February 26, 2020

Martin Mendez, principal Bassist of OPETH is known, has formed with WHITE STONES, a Death Metal Solo-project. The debut album "Kuarahy" comes on 13. March via Nuclear Blast. Mendez has commented in detail on the emergence and Background of the new Band. The musician goes way back in his Childhood and youth:

"The Name of WHITE STONES originates from the place in Montevideo, Uruguay, where I grew up," explains Martin. "I lived there until I was in 1996, Sweden moved am. At the time I was 17 years old. At this time, when one is so young, you create a Foundation for yourself as an individual; for the Person who will be for the Rest of your life. So, I have many important memories of my life there. Now, where I lived for almost 24 years to a completely different place, my life and my family far away to get away from there, I can still feel this connection to this place and what significance it has for me.“

Mendez reported that he had already as a child, a strong connection. However, the Metal has changed a lot: "I grew up in a place where the Radio was on all day long. But when I first heard Metal, it was something Special, I was about 11 years old ... it was as if I was possessed of the sound. And at the same time I knew that it would always be a part of me. There I started to play the Bass, about the same age, in my room, where I practiced for hours and dream of how great it would be to one day record an Album, or something like that.“

If the OPETH bass player is the bridge to the Album suggests, the personal relationship is even clearer: "It is a nostalgic Album for me, and I have many memories of this place. That's why I called the Band WHITE STONES. A tribute to my memories. To the place where I learned the most important of my values. The next Album could be different, but this is something I had to do and wanted to, and it is a pleasure for me to be able to do it this way.“

After the "Sorceress"-Tour OPETH have gone in a one-year break. In the time of the creative process for "Kuarahy" took place: "I have at home already written always music, but the self-confidence, start anything like this, never had it," Mendez adds: "I had no direction, so the first Song was just for fun. WHITE STONES has nothing to do with OPETH, and I don't see any connection between the two Bands. I 'Kuarahy' a few months ago, Mikael [Åkerfeldt, Anm. d. Red.] played and he liked it and was happy for me. Everyone in the Band has side projects and we is also important tours so much, that it devour may take us sometime, if we are not careful. It was really nice to do something different. WHITE STONES has given me new strength and energy.“

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