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Metal.de Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Metal.de Celebrates 20th Anniversary
October 03, 2016

Dear Readers,

in the year 1996, our revered ancestor launched trove of a blog magazine, under the name of “The Dark Site”. This page is after a few innovations, Relaunches and turns, to become a steady growth and a fundamental change of name the is what you have on Your computers, Laptops, Tablets and mobile phones now in front of you: metal.de!

Anniversary: metal.de is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Birthday!

This anniversary to celebrate with you, we have set up internal Task Forces, the archives ransacked, partners, gifts and presents abgeschwatzt and the companies covered account, up to the stop. The result: We will offer in the next few weeks and months, exciting Specials, and the one or other fats raffle. We also have a few back in store – time to be self-critical, time shoulder tapping, tongue-in-cheek. For the Start of the metal.de-festival, we have the most bizarre Interviews from 20 years ago metal.de for you picked out. And that's not even everything!

You want to ask us something? – Then ask!

In addition, we let you join us: you want us to know why the metal.de-Logo five and not 666 has PIP, who forgives in the case of Reviews, on average, the least points and who of us can at the highest scream? We collect your questions and you will answer in a particular Special! Your questions sent in to us from now on eckart@metal.de.

And now we can pop the Cork – a lot of fun when you go on a date.

Eckart & metal.de