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  • Metal.de Presents The Lyric Video To "Queen Of Sheba"

Metal.de Presents The Lyric Video To "Queen Of Sheba"

Metal.de Presents The Lyric Video To "Queen Of Sheba"
October 21, 2019

A doomige atmosphere, gentle Interludien and a hint of psychedelia and the erotic: The Greek Trio THE SLAYER king has posted a brand new Video for the Song "Queen Of Sheba Undresses Before Pulsating Chords", which can present you metal.de exclusive. As a Lyric Video, the strip is designed, however, very much more, he was implemented lovingly by Costin Chioreanu in the graphical style.

metal.de presents "Queen Of Sheba Undresses Before Pulsating Chords"

But not for a long time, look for yourself:

The Track comes from the new, second Album "Tetragrammaton", which was published at the beginning of October 2019 via Off The Record Label as a Vinyl. Was recorded in the sound flakes Recording Studios in Athens, mixed and produced by AVATARIUM guitarist Marcus Jidell, and THE SLAYER king. Mastered in Los Angeles by Maor Appelbaum. A Review follows on this page soon.

"Tetragrammaton" Track List:

1. Intro To Your Darkness
2. Bless Those Who Weep And Sell Their Tears To Unbelievers
3. We Crucified The Pilgrims They Believed In You
4. Story Of The Snake Who Grew Legs And Became A Wizard – The Slayer King
5. My Love Has Died On The Vine
6. Where I Saw You Last Time Bleeding – Revelation
7. Queen Of Sheba Undresses Before Pulsating Chords
8. Umbra, Penumbra And Antumbra – Evil Eye
9. Under The Spell Of Alice And Her Virgin Sin – The Expulsion
10. Out Of Your Darkness

THE SLAYER king was founded in 2013 in Athens, Greece, and today NIGHTFALL Mastermind Efthimis Karadimas (vocals, Bass), Kostas Kyriakopoulos (guitars) and George Karlito (Drums). In 2016, appeared on the debut album "Sanatana Dharma"; in addition, the Band released the cover track "war Pigs" on the Compilation "Lords Of This World – A Tribute To Black Sabbath" by Metal Hammer Greece.

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