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Metal.de Presents: Premiere Of The Song "Kumari Kandam" From The Upcoming Album "Ankaa"

March 23, 2016

22. April 2016, “Ankaa”, the new Album of the French Nu-Metal/Metalcore band ETHS. Today you have the opportunity to hear “Kumari Kandam” another Song from “Ankaa”, in collaboration with ETHS’ Label Season Of Mist metal.de presents to you the Premiere of the song. We wish you much fun!

ETHS – “Kumari Kandam” from the upcoming Album “Ankaa” (release date: 22.04.2016) – Stream:

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“Ankaa” is the fourth Full-Length Album from ETHS and like the predecessor “III” from 2012 via Season Of Mist released. ETHS guitarist Staif Bihl says:

“I'm glad to be able to the third new Track from our upcoming Album, imagine. The Lyrics of ‘Kumari Kandam’ were written by me with the help of my girlfriend Faustine Berardo (LA NÉBULEUSE D’HIMA), which sings together with Sarah Layssac of ARKAN also a few Parts in the Song. Kumari Kandam is a legendary continent that is said that he is located to the South of the Indian subcontinent on the bottom of the sea. The Text revolves around human civilizations, and how they're gone through the forces of nature or simply your own Do – as a warning for future generations. Of course, this story also applies to our own civilization, which seems to work as hard as possible to accelerate their own demise.”

Under the following Links you can find more information about ETHS, and their new Album “Ankaa”:

ETHS on Facebook
Season Of Mist on Facebook
“Ankaa” from ETHS in the online shop of Season Of Mist pre-order

Here is the Cover Artwork of the album:

ETHS – “Ankaa” (Cover Artwork):