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Metal.de Presents: The Exclusive Premiere Of The Video "Bless Of Faintness"

September 22, 2015

It is already a while ago that NAMI us with their Album “The Eternal Light of the Unconscious Mind” vezückten. Quite still it is not been around the Prog/Post-metal band from Andorra in the past, but. In addition to working on new Material, the Band produced a series of remarkable Videos. “Ariadna” and “Silent Mouth”, we present you the exclusive Premiere of the third clip for the Song “Bless Of Faintness”.

To the Background of the video, the Band explains:

“An industrialized and gray world wakes up due to the effects of a gambling girl. It is to overcome their Childhood through the discovery of this unknown and harsh landscape that unfolds like a dream in front of your eyes. While you continues to in this world, afflicted with the fear of her heart. Your efforts to be as it was before, will always be stronger. Gradually she realizes that you will not be able to return to their original shape when you accepted your new shape. However, has your subconscious in the meantime, a universe created a life of their own.“


Both the panel as well as the Videos address the concept of the promotion of dreams through our conscious and sub-conscious existence. Vocalist Roger Andreu explains:

“We wanted to be our own storytellers and each one of these Songs is inspired by a dream of one of our band members. We just wanted to try to open ourselves with our thoughts, our Fears, our Desires and our regrets for Everyone. We felt at the time that the Convey these personal insights from our life is the way for us, as a human being and to be able to grow as an artist .... and I think that is what we with the creation of this album.“

Still not had enough? Here it is for you to the two previous Videos: