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Michael Ehré Presented As The New Drummer

Michael Ehré Presented As The New Drummer
June 25, 2019

The German Metal Institution PRIMAL FEAR has released their first three albums chic marbled Vinyl again, already there is more News from the home of the German Metal Command – this Time from the bench. Drummer Francesco Jovino has left the Band now apparently. A replacement is already found. Michael Ehré (including GAMMA RAY, THE UNITY) is a new permanent member of the steel of the commands and is already on the current Festival Tour behind the skins sit. Also on the new Album, which is expected to start by the end of the year, he should already be listening to.

The Rest of the Band is their new Drummer according to welcome:

"Welcome, Michael, we are pleased that you are now a part of the Metal commandos! Thank you to Francesco Jovino, who has rocked four years in the us and around the world is traveled. Cesco, we wish you and your family only the Best and all the best for your upcoming projects.“

Bad blood seems to be here, not gone. Ehré itself to joining the Swabian traditionalists:

"I am thrilled to be a part of PRIMAL FEAR family! I have followed your career from the beginning and know the guys for many years. I've always been a big Fan of your music! I would like to get started loved ones, directly and Firmly look forward to the Show at the Rock of Barcelona.“

Gold throat Ralf Scheepers is also huge, with Michael Ehré a old companions on Board:

"What a class drummer! I know Michael's now quite a long time and have listened to the Bands in which he has played, always with voltage. I'm sure it's great to be with such a Talent, that is still a wonderful person, on the stage. It is really fantastic to have you on Board, Michael!“

The extent to which this decision will have an impact on Michael Ehrés other projects, especially his current main band, GAMMA RAY, of course, remains to be seen.