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March 09, 2016

The Hamburg-based Noise-rockers ŁINIE have released a Video for the Song “Blood On Your Arms”. The Track is from their debut album “What We Make Our Demons Do”

A few more Infos about the Song:

“That was one of the first Songs we have for the “What We Make Our Demons Do.” Heavy Planet UK have described in your Review to the panel very suitable to the impact and the structure of the song: ...its like watching a tsunami crossing the earths ocean. It pushes and ebbs. It slides and crashes. It changes this way and that but never fully goes away. ŁINIE have absolutely digested early krautrock pioneers like CAN as filtered through their industrial and stoner rock progeny. Josh Hommes first couple of Queens album, examined similar themes...”

For us, he has a special Suction and a mood to represent our Sound very. Lyrically, he deals with Fears, human abysses, finiteness, and the danger of losing yourself.”