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New Addition To The Drums

New Addition To The Drums
December 20, 2018

Already over a year ago, Zac O’Neil, CRIMINAL, left, after he had been there 16 years behind the shooting gallery sat. Now the Chilean Thrasher with Danilo Estrella have finally announced a successor.

Bandleader Anton trip EGGER:

"We know that many of you have been waiting on an explanation of what happened with Zac, especially if one takes into account that he was already for 16 years, part of the Band. The truth is that he wanted to tour and it just was not his thing – so we had no other choice than us for a replacement around.

Sergio suggested that we try it with Danilo, whom he knew for years, from the time you went to music school. We let him jump into the cold water, he had to learn after only a few samples for a complete Setlist and live play, and has mastered this with flying colours.

We hesitated for a while, to make him an official member of the band, but after we have started working on new Material, it was clear that he is simply perfect for the Job. His young age, Talent and enthusiasm are exactly what the Band needs right now.“

Criminal with new signing Danilo Estrella in the foreground

With the entry of Estrella CRIMINAL are now back to three-quarters of Chileans.