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New Album, Festival Appearances

June 19, 2015

The Aachener Post-Hardcore-Band FJØRT, with their two publications, “disassembly” and “D'accord” on these pages is quite clear could be working on a new Album. To the followers of the Threesome, however, can make a picture of what the hell is a “unicorn part”, it will take some time – the recordings are planned for later this year, the publication, however, only in 2016.

Before that, there are still however, some occasions to convince the one or the other Festival that FJØRT without unicorns pretty fabulous music:

28.06. – Lärz, Fusion Festival
22.08. – Bonn Green Juice Festival
29.08. – Magdeburg, Forest Jump Festival
04.09. – Grief Field, Arable Festival
05.09. – Vechta, Afdreiht un Buten Festival on HART mountain lake