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New Album, New Tour!

New Album, New Tour!
October 09, 2016

Chris Corner was once Mitgebründer of the British TripHop band SNEAKER PIMPS, and pours out for some time on his own project IAMX in the world his soul.

During the production of the sixth IAMX Studio album “Metanoia” had Chris with various personal demons to fight:
Despair, Depression, And Insomnia.

It got so bad that he even gave the music to blame for his condition, and a hair completely had given up.
“I had to program a virtually new,” said Chris afterwards.
“After therapy I realized that it was not the music was what hurt me. On the contrary, I wanted more than ever to make music.”
He moved from Berlin to Sunny Los Angeles and delivered an impressive reboot. “Metanoia”, which was really a relaxed atmosphere.
The new creative freedom was unmistakable.
Now Chris, the symptomatically titled “Everything Is Burning (Metanoia Addendum)” a “Metanoia”-a successor.
In two Parts divided, the edge full Album of seven new Songs and nine Remixes of “Metanoia”-Material.

If you want to experience the Whole thing in one of the most illustrious Live Shows, to three dates in Germany, the Chance to do so!