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New Album, New Tour: "The Thrash Awakens"

February 10, 2016

New of the Saar brückner Thrash Metal heroes GODSLAVE: After the EP “Whatever We Want” from the last autumn is now followed by on 18. March 2016, the new and fourth Full-Length Album of the Band “Welcome To The Green Zone”.


1. Green Zone
2. Blood Bound Pack
3. So Let It Burn
4. Because We Can
5. Idolized
6. Demon
7. Mad In Germany
8. My Journey
9. 6:2.3
10. Children Of The Pit
11. End Of History

This is from the 19th century. March on a Tour of Nine Shows in Germany are under the promising title “The Thrash Awakens”. Support ERADICATOR from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Here are the Dates:

19.03.2016 Saarbrücken, Godslave Rlease Show
26.03.2016 Büßfeld, MISE Open Air Warm-Up
02.04.2016 Tübingen, Epple Haus
08.04.2016 Goslar, Club Cartel
09.04.2016 Hannover, The Bathroom
16.04.2016 Saalfeld, Club House Saalfeld
23.04.2016 Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik
30.04.2016 Ulm, Witch House
06.05.2016 Bottrop, Cottage Pub