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New Album Almost Finished!

April 17, 2016

CROWBAR have a new Album, the follow-up to “Symmetry In Black” of 2014, almost in the box. The music is completely absorbed, according to Kirk Windstein, only the vocals are missing. The new plant of the New Orleans Doomcore legend is supposed to include ten Songs with a playing time of approx 47 minutes. The vocal recordings should be up by the end of April. Is recorded at OCD Recording And Production Studio in Metairie, Louisiana, together with sound engineer and producer Duane Simoneaux.

As for the stylistic direction, the new Album is more back to the roots of the CROWBAR. The same attitude as in the early days, but musically matured. The wording of Kirk: “It's more of meat and potatoes. On the last few records, we brought a lot of new elements into the band a little bit without deviating too far from what CROWBAR's about. But this is more like... I went back and started listening to early CROWBAR, and it's more of that attitude, but more mature and every bit as angry, every bit as heavy, every bit as depressed... doomy, whatever you wanna call it. But doing it this many years later, I really like what we've got going on.”