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New Album And Tour Start-the "Generation Steel" In Sight

March 12, 2015

All friends of melodic Heavy Metal should the 20. March 2015 paint ever thick in the calendar. Not only that, the new album “Generation Steel” of the Berlin-Metal-combo MAJESTY sees the light of this world, no, suitable for this purpose, the eponymous head start liner tour. With on this Heavy Metal journey also blood bound and EVIL INVADERS.

Fittingly, frontman Tarek “MS” Maghary and gives a brief Outlook on what to expect on the metal community:

We have said in the announcement that “Generation Steel” will be the most important Album of our career. The reason is that the Album everything combines MAJESTY makes of compact. It's 10 Songs are more of what the entire bandwidth of hymn-like choruses, powerful guitar work, oppressive Drums and a great Epic cover, and to the point. That's not to sound arrogant but we are just so proud of the Album and we can hardly wait until it can hear the Fans at last. I'm sure you will love it just like we are!

Why the Whole is also in front of a live audience is an experience Tarek also:

You should be able to succeed, because you're going to experience a giant Metal Party! We have our biggest headliners production with a completely new stage picture. Also from the light and the Sound we made this Time no compromises, and the halls where we only have earthquakes to be easy to play. We intend to offer all visitors an unforgettable experience you'll be telling your great-grandchildren. With our friends from blood bound, and EVIL INVADERS are the games which are of course also fantastic Shows. Metal heart, what more do you want?

So to clarify, what the Band is happy the most:

First and foremost, of course, a great night with our Fans. We will provide you with a Setlist containing both new Songs presents but also our classics. We just love the tours. You can get to know many great people and can do for we are born to it – namely, “on the road”! We are living our dream and that's what we do together with our Fans. We can't wait until it is at 20.03. finally goes off!

In this sense, can all Interested for more Details on our presentation page to read.