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New Album Comes Out In 2020

New Album Comes Out In 2020
December 21, 2019

A long time it was quiet around HEAVEN SHALL BURN, in 2020 is expected to change this condition! In March 2020, three and a half years after the "Wanderer" now "Of Truth And Sacrifice" to appear, which can be equal to a double album action. The Tracklists of the "Of Truth" and "Of Sacrifice" there are also:

CD1 – "Of Truth"
1 March Of Retribution
2 Thoughts And Prayers
3 Eradicate
4 Protector
5 Superiority
6 My Heart And The Ocean
7 Expatriate
8 What Was The Means
9 Terminate The Unconcern
10 The Ashes Of My Enemies

CD2 – "Of Sacrifice"
1 Children Of A Lesser God
2 La Resistance
3 The Sorrows Of Victory
4 Stateless
5 Tirpitz
6 Truther
7 Critical Mass
8 Eagles Among Vultures
9 Weakness Leaving My Heart

The Artwork was designed by Eliran Kantor designed:

Heaven Shall Burn – Of Truth And Sacrifice (Cover Artwork)

Starting in January 2020, the Album can be pre-ordered. HEAVEN SHALL BURN to Release at numerous Festivals live to experience, for example Rock at the Ring, the Full Force or the Nova rock.

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