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New Album Coming In The Summer

March 16, 2016



Work on the new Album, which will bear the title of “Mogontiacum (After the night has fallen down)“, are as good as completed. The successor of the “Umbriel – The Silence between the stars” to appear thus in the summer of this year.

Already since the summer of last year, NOCTE OBDUCTA are working on a new Album in the Mainz Ultrasound Studio. The Band even referred to the coming work in advance as “the most ambitious project since the ‘nectar‘” and affirms that “the return to vertrack more structures and metal-to-metal shearing roots, and was thrilled in recent years by our Drive less, again likely to reconcile [...] if the ‘nectar‘ - onset Sound development is not, of course, was simply ignored.”

01. Happy Children
02. An Ouzo on the North wind
03. Lethe, stone, and sea – part I
04. Delete Command-Walpurgis Night
05. Tango in the moat
06. Desîhra Mogontiacum
07. The Impaler
08. At The Edge Of The Forest
09. Lethe, the stone and the lake – part II
10. In the haze of the eternal tomb of the sun