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New Album In 2020?

New Album In 2020?
March 08, 2020

EXCITER, the canadian Thrash pioneers, working on a new Album. Drummer/singer Dan Beehler said in an Interview with the Australian "Metal Time"Blog about the plans to release new music. In addition, there was news about the new addition to Daniel Dekay, who replaced the original guitarist and founding member John Ricci.
Beehler to:

"Al (Allan Johnson, Bassist – Ed. d. editorial) and I feel in the best Phase OFV the EXCITER since then. Daniel lives in Toronto, but is originally from Ottawa, our home city. And about friends and family, mainly my daughter, I knew him, and he is a friend for many years. He was in a local Band called AGGRESSOR, which we have geshen often live. Also, I met his father several times. [...] When we were looking for a lot of guitarists over the Internet us ideas sent because did you know that John has left the Band and they wanted to get in to taste with us. And thank God there were a lot of very good players, but the Moment Daniel Dekay I had called, I knew the type it is. I knew he could play, what is he like as a character, I just knew everything about Him. I spoke with Al, and Al said to me, 'I don't wanna try no more if you're so sure'. And at our first rehearsal, he had the whole Set of the first Show already on it, and it seemed as if he has been playing years with us. He is just such a good guitarist and also on the stage is a natural talent. Everyone calls him "kid", but he is super doing professionally around in Business, all of it. This is a good Bonus. So we have to get a real Golden boy with him. It is like having a family member suddenly, and not a 'candidate' of the has yet to be incorporated."

Founding member John Ricci left in 2018, for mysterious reasons, the Band, as Johnson reported:

"It is still a little mysterious, he gave no good reason why he wanted to stop, he just said that he is all instincts. When I asked him if he was with the exit safe, replied in the affirmative he, and let his words into action.“

Ricci left EXCITER in 1985, after the legendary early works of "Heavy Metal Maniac" (1983), "Violence & Force" (1984) and "Long live the Loud" (1985).

The last Album "Death Machine" (2010) had Ricci as the only remaining original member still with. Ricci, Beehler and Johnson combined EXCITER 2014, it shows to John Ricci, however, remained a few sporadic live finally threw in the towel.

The Interview with the "Metal Changes" below can be considered.


Dan Beehler – Drums, Vocals

Allan James Johnson – Bass

Daniel Dekay – Guitar


1983: Heavy Metal Maniac 1984: Violence & Forces) 1985: Long Live the Loud 1986: Unveiling the Wicked 1988: Exciter 1992-Kill After Kill 1997: The Dark Command 2000: Blood of Tyrants 2008: Thrash Speed Burn 2010: Death Machine

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