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New Album Is Coming Up!

April 12, 2015

The new, as yet untitled Album from SYMPHONY X is ready! Jens Bogren, (KREATOR, PARADISE LOST, OPETH and AMON AMARTH) has completed the Mix and Mastering of the album. Jens had already been created in the last two albums. The cover artwork was done again by Warren Flanagan, who embellished the last two albums visually. The release date is not fixed yet. Bassist Michael LePond commented on the new Album “Talking Metal”:

“I think this album is not gonna be as heavy as our last one, “Iconoclast”. If I had to compare this one, I would say it's a combination of [2002's] “The Odyssey” meets [2007's] “Paradise Lost”. It has a lot of classic SYMPHONY X elements in it, and I think our old fans are really gonna appreciate this one. So we're really excited about it.”

“It wasn't a conscious decision to go back to the older sound; it just kind of happened. That's the way we write songs. We just start writing songs, and wherever it takes us, it takes us. But there's a lot of really cool, classic SYMPHONY X things in there. It's very, very musical. It concentrates just more on solid songs and great melodies.”