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New Album Will Be Released On 29. July

July 20, 2016

The new Album by the Hamburg band LORD OF THE LOST will be published already on Friday, the 29. July of 2016. The dystopian Future-Metal epic “Empyrean” is created as a concept album to take the listener with a furious Mix of Gothic Metal, Glam, Electro, Prog and Industrial on a captivating Science-Fiction Odyssey.

LORD OF THE LOST in search of redemption

The Album tells the story of the search for “Empyrean”, a supposedly perfect world, On which mankind, after centuries of progressive self goes to destruction – in the hope of finding there salvation. According to their label Out Of Line is the most lyrically and musically profound work of LORD OF THE LOST. Your typical, hard Metal attacks, which are in a constant Clinch with dark melodic passages, and a penchant for catchy, catchy melodies, this time supported by a dominant, the electronic Foundation for the LORD OF THE LOST have been brought to the Berlin-based Electro-Band of FORMALIN as a Co-producer to Boot.

Of course, is “Empyrean” in different versions, including a Limited Fanbox Edition will appear, and in the spring of 2017 and, correspondingly, on a Tour to be celebrated.

You can shorten the waiting time a little, take another look at the pre-released Track, “The Love Of God”: