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New Bassist Before

January 28, 2015

A mystery: In the course of his career, he has played over 4000 Shows, over 60 albums, recorded with musicians from MOTHER'S FINEST and PRINCE, as well as Adrian Vandenberg (WHITESKNAKE), Zakk Wylde (OZZY OSBOURNE) and Atma Anur (JOURNEY). He was chosen in 2014 from the Guitar Player magazine's best Metal and all-round bassist. Who are we looking for?

The solution: Barend Courbois, the new bass player of BLIND GUARDIAN, on 30. January with their new Album “Beyond The Red Mirror” to turn the corner. The full Review's here .

The Dutchman himself to his new field of activity: “This was the longest production I've ever been involved with. Because the recording lasted for as we know a total of two years.” Two years that called the exception-bassist properly. Because: “The music contains an incredible number of different items, exactly, that makes the unique style of BLIND GUARDIAN.” Regarding his own style, Courbois, but self-confident: “I play very powerful, but also melodic. Comparable to John Deacon what is pleasing vocalist Hansi Kürsch and guitarist André Olbrich as an old QUEEN Fans.”

Front man Hansi Kürsch confirms: “Barend is top. The ideal man for us on the Bass, because he has a great musical understanding and playing very variable and multifaceted, but can also generate the necessary pressure. That Holland and Krefeld are not far from each other, facilitates the cooperation.” The contact to BLIND GUARDIAN came up is rather unspectacular: “one day I received a call surprisingly, a call from producer Charlie Bauerfeind, I learned at the beginning of the 90s in a joint project. He asked if I would have the next six months, with a large Metal Band to tours. The name he initially thought was a secret.” Just a day after his commitment, met Barend Courbois with BLIND GUARDIAN in Krefeld, only to be two weeks later on Tour. “Before my first Gig, I've sweated blood and water, because, like you said, It is not easy to play the music of BLIND GUARDIAN, but I love it!”

30. January 2015 will publish BLIND GUARDIAN's tenth Studio album “Beyond The Red Mirror” via Nuclear Blast. The Album is available in a variety of configurations: as a Standard Jewel Case CD (10 Songs) Limited Edition Digi-Pak/Digi-Book (11 Songs), double LP Gatefold Vinyl (11 Songs), EarBook (12 Songs plus illustrations, photos and liner notes) & as an Exclusive Limited Edition NB mail-order Earbook (12 Songs plus illustrations, photos, liner notes + Bonus 10").