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New Bassist: Max Axel

September 10, 2015

After today , THE OCEAN a new bass player already, has now also the Berliner Core Formation, WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER, their new man on the bass driver. As the Band announced in a Statement on their Facebook page, have you broken up with her long-time bassist Maximilian Pauly in the Good. The Job of the thick strings Alexander Goldmann does now.

Will leave WBTBWB: Maximilian Pauly (2.v.r.).

Here is the Statement in the original wording:

Ok, the sneaking TV. Crap!

Our dear Max, unfortunately, can't swing the bass strings. Why is this so, and how it came to be? Many of the tours leave in addition to great memories, and the film cracks also, unfortunately, physically sometimes, unwanted gift. And even if you don't believe it – we are not the pro birthday older and can shift for many years been one or the other interest. You can write to him but also yourself at any time, and a few words of love left! We know, we would like to thank him for the last few years, and all of the sexy moments! We were able to section a very important life to share with him and that's the Important thing!

Fortunately, there are great multi-talents such as Axel, the short-Hand of the Max on the Bass replaced. (Might know him already from the Falco-Cover Video with Paul) attention that comes from deep: What was once the Bass was, is now, Basser!

So, and now triple, and we back all tears and welcome the smelly rockers welcome!