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New Death-Doom From Finland

New Death-Doom From Finland
January 08, 2020

In INFIRMUM One-man project, dedicated to the Death-Doom and 28.02.2020 his debut album "Walls Of Sorrow" will publish a Finnish. The first Single, "Shadows Of The Past" is out now, and sounds pretty much exactly as you think of Finnish Death-Doom just. For fans of the Genre for sure nothing Wrong, even if the competition is of course great. All the Details, including a sample, there are in the Following to form their own opinion.

Infirmum – Walls Of Sorrow Cover

01. To Darkness
02. Cause Of Sorrow
03. Shadows Of The Past
04. Silence
05. Doomed
06. Wake Me
07. Autumn Breeze
08. Sail Away
09. Fearless
10. Trust

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