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New EP: "forest Shrine"

July 30, 2013

The last Album of EQUILIBRIUM “Rekreatur”, is already three years back, a successor is still to wait. As a small appetizer, the German Pagan metallers to release on 16. In August a new EP called “forest Shrine”. Under the leadership of guitarist René Berthiaume in Helion Studios recorded and produced, as well as by the Resetti Brothers – namely Joerg Umbreit and Vincent Sorg – in their Principal Studios mixed and mastered, contains “forest Shrine” next to the brand new title track and an acoustic Version of the same number to a newly recorded, extended Version of “Turis Fratyr”-Songs “The storm” (Original by ex-vocalist Helge Stang sung, now by frontman Robse Dahn intoned). This dwarf hammer-join “” – a previously unreleased Track older date, as well as a brilliant cover version of the title melody of the popular video game “Skyrim”.

The Band says:
“We are very pleased to publish this EP as our next full-time makes the album even until next year. Thus, for us, this is the ideal opportunity to publish a couple of Songs and recordings that would be fit because of their exclusivity on a regular Album. The Best part is that we can provide you with the Song “forest Shrine” to the Fans a little taste of what awaits you in 2014!”

The track listing for the EP reads as follows:

1. Forest Shrine
2. The Storm
3. Dwarf hammer
4. The edge of heaven
5. Forest Shrine (Acoustic Version)