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New EP Coming In October

New EP Coming In October
July 08, 2019

Death Metal Maniacs listen up: The German Death Metal squad NECROTTED has announced a new EP. Two years after their last Full-Length Album, "Worldwide Warfare" comes in the Form of "die For Something Worthwile" another Death Metal punch. Released the four-song strong EP on 11.10.2019 via Rising Nemesis Records. Kai Bigler and Benjamin Stelzer of Parasite Inc. acted at the shots as a producer.

The Cover to "die For Something Worthwile" you can ever see!

In addition to the martial Cover the six death metallers have released the Tracklist, which contains some promising titles:

1. The For Something Worthwile
2. Eudaimonia
3. Six Feet Deep, No Party Is Too Steep
4. World of pain

In addition, NECROTTED is a showcase for the end of the year on the "Prayer For Annihilation Tour in 2019" with the other stick Acts like I DECLARE WAS, CYTOTOXIN and ACRANIUS a total of eight Times in German-speaking countries. Tour stops and dates can be found in the attached poster:

NECROTTED & co. have the honour a total of eight cities in German-speaking countries