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New EP "Lunar Prelude"

December 11, 2015

New Material of DELAIN: The 19. February 2016 the Dutch release a new EP on Napalm Records.

In addition to two brand new Songs (“Suckerpunch” and “Turn The Lights Out”), the Symphonic Metallers around singer Charlotte Wessels for the EP with the title “Lunar Prelude” a Song of the last album (“Don’t Let Go”). In addition, four Live recordings, and an orchestral Version of “Suckerpunch join”. A new Album is also planned for 2016.

Here is the Tracklist for the EP “Lunar Prelude”:

Suckerpunch Turn the Lights Out Don’t Let Go Lullaby (Live 2015) Stardust (Live 2015) Here Come the Vultures (Live 2015) Army of Dolls (Live 2015) Suckerpunch Orchestra