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New Lyric Video For The Song "Iron Maiden"

April 10, 2016

The U. S. Americans FLOTSAM & JETSAM have just released a schniekes Lyrics-Video to their brand new Song “Iron Maiden”. The Track is NOT a cover version of the British virgins, but a foretaste of the 20. May upcoming new Album, “Flotsam & Jetsam”.

The self-titled groove is already the thirteenth Album in the career of the since 1984, active quintet of the two remaining original members Eric A. K. (Vocals) and Michael Gilbert (guitar), and the successor to the two years ago, published “No Place For Disgrace – 2014” (which, however, is only a newly recorded Version of the 1988 milestone), respectively, of the 2012 album, “Ugly Noise”.