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New Signing At Steamhammer/SPV

New Signing At Steamhammer/SPV
April 11, 2019

With the German Band CRYPTEX Steamhammer/SPV have taken a new rock band under contract.

The Band consists of Simon Moskon (Lead Vocals, Piano/Keys), Andre Jean Henri Mertens (Lead&Rhythm Guitar) and Marc Andrejkovits (Bass). Various Session drummers like Simon Schroeder, Luca Ahlers and others to complete the Line-up.

CRYPTEX covers a wide musical spectrum, from Progressive hard rock, Alternative with slight Folk-bonds, to the soulful and symphonic compositions. The release of their third album, "Once Upon A Time" is announced for the spring of 2020.

Was founded CRYPTEX in 2008 by frontman Simon Moskon. In March 2011, released their debut album,"Good Morning, How Did You Live?"in April 2015 to her second Album "Madeleine Effect". Finally, the EPs were released "Rain Shelter Sessions" Part I-III (October 2017) and Part IV – VI (March 2018).

Furthermore, CRYPTEX for their live shows are known. This could you are already, among other things, in support of Bands like Pain-Of-Salvation/4461">Pain Of Salvation, Threshold, Alice Cooper, on the stages of renowned Festivals such as German cult rock Festival, metal days in Slovenia, and on the 70.000 Tons of Metal (USA), as well as various own headlining tours.

Olly Hahn (label Manager of Steamhammer) sets great hope in the new SPV-Signing: "We are delighted to be able to CRYPTEX for our Label win. The musicality of the Band, but also the artistic aspects of this Genre of music is exceptional. I'm very much looking forward to the new Album, first impressions very leg are printing!“

Simon Moskon and his band mates are very optimistic: "We are convinced that the SPV is exactly the right Label to go to the next steps together and to make a CRYPTEX, a nationally and internationally respected and powerful Act."