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New Singer To Be Announced And The First Audio Sample

April 28, 2016

Sabine Scherer, which was since 2005, the voice of DEADLOCK, adopted after the birth of the second child for an indefinite period of time in the baby break. Now Sabine announced the phase-out of the Band, to be able to fully family. Mit Margie Gerlitz was already a more than just a temporary substitution is found. Margie comes as a Vocal Coach and from the same vocal forge as once Sabine Scherer.

Songwriter Sebastian Reichl to the Line-up exchange: “I'm Sabine infinitely grateful for all that [sic!] what she has done for the Band. Margie is a fantastic singer, performer and just fits us perfectly into the Team. Margie Gerlitz is called as the new singer of DEADLOCK welcome!”

Margie Gerlitz, singer of DEADLOCK: “I am overjoyed, [sic!] to have the Chance and opportunity [sic!] as a new singer in DEADLOCK fully involved. Sabine and the guys have created an absolutely great Band over the last few years and I am very pleased of [sic!] to be part of it!”

Sabine has taken to say goodbye to a personal video message for their Fans, which, together with the first audition of Margie as a new front tube here: