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New Single As A Melancholic Album Harbinger

New Single As A Melancholic Album Harbinger
February 12, 2020

The Finnish Melancholic Metal Act NICUMO is slow in the starting blocks for the release of his third album. The "INERTIA" of the named CD will appear on the 27. March 2020 at Inverse Records.

Check it with "Time Won't Heal" is a new Single, in the neat is suffered:

Drummer Aki Pusa describes the development of the forthcoming work:

"Inertia" to in a natural way, where our second Album "Storms Arise" has stopped. The atmosphere is even deeper and more intense than on the predecessors. We are of course grown in these years as a Band, and I think that listening to this Album. The Songs are solid and more elaborate units, which are composed in such a way that they are tailored to the needs of the respective Songs. Sound technically the Album in our discography on the experimental. Saxophones, and even concrete floors that have been played with Drumsticks, are just a sample of what will be heard on the Album. "

The Album was recorded in 2019 by Olli Tainio in the Joshua Music Studios and mixed, which has also worked with Bands from the Post Metal & Rock scene such as a Blind Architect, or Callisto together. The Mastering took Svante Forsbäck, the cut already the Sound of Rammstein, Amorphis, Apocalyptica or Volbeat.

"Inertia" Tracklist:

1. Three Pyres
2. Dark Rivers
3. Same Blood
4. Witch Hunt
5. Tree of Life
6. Mother and The Snake
7. Who You Are
8. Time Won t Heal
9. Black Wolf

Hannu Karppinen – Vocals
Atte Jääskelä – Guitars
Tapio Anttiroiko - Guitars
Sami Kotila – Bass
Aki Pusa – Drums

Press image of Antti Pahkamäki
Album cover of Hannu Karppinen

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