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New Song "Sky Is Falling"

May 06, 2015

The political Punk rockers ANTI-FLAG have released a new Song. The name of the “Sky Is Falling” and will also be on the upcoming Album “American Spring”. Below you are able to get an impression of it. The drone program, the U.S. is criticized American government and the way in which they dealt with the families of the victims of drone attacks. On the Homepage of the Band it says:

“This policy is immoral, unethical and unproductive. Amnesty International has questioned the legality of the U.S. drone program in relation to international law. This song focuses on the fact that dropping bombs on people's heads is terrorism, regardless of who is dropping those bombs. Be it a drone firing ammunition without warning or a suicide bomber detonating an explosive vest without warning, instrument of terror are those that keep a civilian population on edge due to the constant threat of attack.”

The Album will be released on 26. May appear on a spin farm.

Here you can see the Video for ANTI-flag's “Sky Is Falling”.