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New Video With 3 Guest Singers!

New Video With 3 Guest Singers!
November 25, 2016

MONO INC. report back impressively! After the 2015, the Album “Terlingua” provoked mixed reactions, have you considered as a pre-single for the 2017 appearing “Together Till The End” something Special. Together with Tilo Wolff (LACRIMOSA), JOACHIM WITT and Chris Harms (LORD OF THE LOST) has now released the Track “Children Of The Dark” Video.

The Song itself is understood as a hymn to the black scene and not only combines four expressive singer, but-also-almost-forgotten Strengths of MONO INC. For example, drummer Katha MIA's has not been heard singing so clear and present to a publication, as in this piece. If the upcoming Album, which will include complete English-language title, is equally strong, as “Children Of The Dark”, you may definitely be curious. The Tracklist reads as follows:

1. The Banks Of Eden
2. Together Till The End
3. Boatman (Feat. Ronan Harris From VNV NATION)
4. Out In The Fields
5. The Tide
6. Children Of The Dark (Feat. JOACHIM WITT Tilo Wolff (LACRIMOSA), Chris Harms (LORD OF THE LOST))
7. Forever And A Day
8. Across The Waves
9. There Comes A Time (Back To Life)
10. Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
11. This Is My Life
12. Eden (Reprise)