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New Videos And Farewell To A Great Songwriter

New Videos And Farewell To A Great Songwriter
November 11, 2016

Before we move on today to the everyday life business, we want to short the Songwriting legend Leonard Cohen will commemorate, wouldn't obviously live in a world, elected in a racist sociopath to be President of the United States. Rest in Peace, Mr. Cohen!

But since the Show must not go to the despite on and we are pleased secretly to a variety of song that has become smelly fingers in the direction of the soon-to-be person concerned of Barack Obama, we want to present to you just in time for the weekend once again a selection of those metal-relevant pieces that are recently available on the Internet.


The beginning of the is in the language of your country singing Finns POHJOISEN SOTURIT, whose Video is to “Sisu”, although already a few weeks old, whose Album “Oksat Pois... Yes Osa Latvuksista” today, however, via Inverse Records appeared.


Next, it is colorful, because of living in China Bengale Saad has advised us of the Video-Clip for the title track “Till Life Sets Us Apart”-EP of his Band AGGRONYMPH, with their Female-Fronted Electronic-Gothic-Metal, anything but conservative, therefore, and also with the right degree of hardness and pleasant.


In the Gothic corner, the Finns HANGING GARDEN, the have also placed the title track of their current EP visually in the scene. The Clip for “Hereafter” comes off as dark and artsy-fartsy as the music itself.


But enough with the melancholy Gothic stuff, the autumn is so wet already cold enough. By DESERTED FEAR there is, therefore, “to Face Our Destiny” manicured Death Metal to the ears of the appetite on the 27. January via Century Media released “Dead Shores Rising” evokes.


Since today is already available the is YOUR-MOTIVE-debut album, “Above”, which will be released on the aptly named metal spiesser-Label. The title track turns out to be cool by holding anthem dedicated to the since the early 2000s, active Alternative-Rocker probably.


To conclude, there are still some dead meat, because the talented guitar wizard, Masaki Murashita, has his Song, “Conquer The Foe”, a fancy Zombie Video in the “The Walking Dead”style on the body of cutters. On the corresponding “Inescapable Damnation”EP of his self-titled Solo project, MURASHITA has well-known musicians such as David Ellefson (MEGADETH) as guest win.