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"No Life 'Til Leather"-re-release For Record Store Day

March 03, 2015

The “Record Store Day” am 18. April is painted in many a music lover with a thick red pencil it in the calendar. At least once a year, the few remaining cult offers record stores via rain inflow and the long queues make it to national television. One of the reasons for the annual onslaught is the fact that a number of Bands away from this special occasion to special publications of B-sides and Re-Releases. These include Bands METALLICA this year. Exclusive to the 18. April! the Band a copy of their 1982 demo cassette (cassette Do you remember?) “No Life ‘Til Leather” to the masses. “In 1982 we recorded seven Songs that have been our calling card and our first record contract earned. The Rest of it, as some of you may know, is history,” left the Band in a Statement. The Bass was handled at the time by the way Ron McGovney, lead guitar, stood none other than Dave Mustaine.

The Artwork is based on Lars Ulrich's personal copy of the tape and is provided with his handwriting. Who download no panel in its vicinity will be lucky you can at 18. April also Metallica.com try. The Tracklist reads as follows:

01. Hit The Lights
02. The Mechanix
03. Motor breath
04. Seek & Destroy
05. Metal Militia
06. Jump In The Fire
07. Phantom Lord