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No Visa, No Trip

January 21, 2016

The Berlin-based Experimental metallers THE OCEAN have to cancel their planned U.S. Tour with INTRONAUT. The Band announced today on their Facebook page. The reason was that the US authorities could not issue in a timely manner, the necessary Visa documents.

Here is the Statement in the original wording:

“Unfortunately, we have to our upcoming US-Tour cancellations. We have conducted a few months ago, everything in the way, but currently, it is not very likely that we will get our US visas in a timely manner. As everyone can understand, we will not spend any money for flights and a Van, when we have water-proof materials.

We will not withdraw the amendment. Once we have our Visa, we are planning a new U.S. Tour.

We apologize to anyone who wanted to see us, as well as INTRONAUT – but these things are beyond our control. Nonetheless goes to the Shows and check out INTRONAUT. And be sure that we use the time to work on our new Album.”