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Opposing Views

April 20, 2016


In the house of LEAVES’ EYES, there is well known a new lady on the singing front. According to the initial Announced and now the Band have, as well as Ex-singer Liv, each with a clarification of your views regarding the separation of implementation through a struggle, which differ in some respects severe of each other.

LEAVES’ EYES my that in January a joint decision for the Aussteig Liv's’ hit. The Band has now also published the protocols of the meeting on Facebook, to document the consent of all parties. A variety of dates many Fans, however, as to the authenticity of doubt. LIV KRISTINE said that she would have to learn from your being thrown out for only a little more than a week.

The mood in the Comment is to a large extent on the side of the former singer, as they can be regarded as the former figurehead of the Band, even if it was only for texts and not for the majority of the compositional process. Who is speaking the truth is still unclear. Subtle memories of the case of NIGHTWISH with TARJA to germinate...