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Play At The Party.San 2019

Play At The Party.San 2019
December 27, 2018

TRIUMPH OF DEATH will be at the Party.San Open Air 2019 games. The festival organisers confirmed on Christmas eve. For the Festival, it is a very special announcement:

"The majority of you will know that CELTIC FROST and TRIPTYKON a previous band had, the only from 1982 to 1984, existed, and then never Show played. We don't have to run more to whom it is: The Party.San Metal Open Air is proud to present the 25th anniversary HELLHAMMER performed by the one and only Tom Gabriel Warrior's Triumph of Death!“


With the TRIUMPH OF DEATH Tom is Warrior the music of his first Band HELLHAMMER resurgence. HELLHAMMER had existed in 1982 and 1984. In this time they had only released three Demos and an EP. In addition, the Band had contributed a Song to the legendary "Death Metal"compilation by Noise Records. With your Create the Extreme had-Metal troupe, a big influence on the Black Metal and Death Metal. Besides Warrior was also the later CELTIC FROST Bassist and 2017 deceased Martin Eric Ain is already part of the Band. His first appearance has the Tribute project on the 21. June at the French Hellfest.

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Maniacs,this announcement is...well, special. The majority of you will know that Celtic Frost and Triptykon had to...

Posted by Party.San Metal Open Air on Wednesday, 26. December 2018