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January 22, 2016

HEMATOMA publish at 25. In March (Yes, on good Friday.) their new Album “We Are God.” As usual there is a pre-single, in this case, ‘Fuck the System’. In this Song, it is “entrenched lobby struktuen and hierarchies.” The Single is also physically available, with a Non-album track and exclusive live recordings.

“We Are God” is the fifth Studio album by the Bayern and was produced in kohlekeller Studios by Kristian “Kohle” kohlmannslehner (including ESKIMO CALLBOY, POWERWOLF). It appears to be in addition to the usual variants (Digipack, Vinyl, etc.) in a “Freakbox”, in which a HEMATOMA-globe, autograph cards, posters and more are included. In addition, there will be six Release Shows.


01. We are God

02. All U Need Is Love

03. Fuck the System

04. Made in Germany

05. Offline

06. Dance from the series

07. I Have A Dream

08. Ikarus Heirs

09. Too true to be beautiful

10. It, break it

11. Hollywood is burning

12. Halli Galli

13. The art is?

Release Shows:

25.03. Bremen, Tivoli

30.03. AT-Carinthia, Full Metal Mountain

31.03. CH-Zurich, Dynamo

02.04. Berlin, Postbahnhof

09.04. Bochum, Matrix

16.04. Munich, Technikum