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Post Playthrough Video

Post Playthrough Video
January 27, 2020

The BAND knock out a guitar Playthrough Video for the new Single "Calcified" of the "Cycle Of Suffering". The upcoming release is the fifth Album by the Melodic Death metallers, and it is on the 07. February via Nuclear Blast distributed by:

Tracklist of the "Cycle Of Suffering":

01. Empty Prophets
02. I Sever
03. Cycle Of Suffering
04. Shield
05. Calcified
06. Invidia
07. Idle Hands
08. Apex Of Disdain, Producing
09. Arms Like A Noose
10. Devils In Their Eyes
11. Disintegrate
12. Abandon

Frontman Josh Middleton has produced the new Album themselves, and mixed, while Ermin Hamidovic has taken the final Mastering. Also the Cover Artwork has a reference to Middleton, has given a private painting in the creative hands of Dan Goldsworthy, the "Cycle Of Suffering"-a Cover made for it.

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