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Preliminary Report

Preliminary Report
July 10, 2016

29. July it is finally that time again: The Prophecy is Fixed in the hoped-for second round! Again, in the best possible Location, of the Palaeolithic cave in the Hönnetal in North Rhine-Westphalia. This time, to give even two-days maturity band of the label Prophecy Productions and other special the Jack chapels in the Hand. Who was in the last year, reports of the great atmosphere in the cave of impressive performances and many goose bumps moments. And anno in 2016, it promises to be a bit different if you look at the formations present to the mind, for this Festival, almost all thought to something Special.

ALCEST – special Setlist with a complete performance of “Écailles de lune” and a “Best-Of”Set
IRON MOUNTAIN – first concert in Central Europe
GERM – the first appearance in Europe
VEMOD – specifically to the Balver cave tailored Set
LES DISCRETS – only Festival Show in 2016 and Premiere of pieces from the upcoming third album
Before have helrunar – first appearance since 2013, the only appearance in 2016
SOL INVICTUS – once in a lifetime Line-up with Don Anderson (Agalloch), Matt Howden and Jo Quail
BOHREN & der CLUB OF GORE – the first Non-Prophecy-Band on the Prophecy Festival
ANTIMATTER – occur with a exclusive 2000-2007 Setlist
GLERAKUR – Live Premiere!
VÖLUR – First concert in Europe!
HECATE – unique ceremony, “The sun In the spirit”!
Troll music – evening concert
ALVENRAD – world premiere
WÖLJÄGER – music-theatre

Fursy Teyssier, head of LES DISCRETS and multi-talented, took over this year, the graphical direction of the festival and the cave presents a show in the cave in balve. The world premiere of the planned acoustic concert by SECRETS OF THE MOON, unfortunately, must be from personnel to technical reasons, the osnabrück will play a familiar Metalset. Especially, you can enjoy one of the recently rare appearances of stage, helrunar, on the British Neo-Folker of SOL INVICTUS, which in this country is extremely rare visitor, and this time, Don Anderson of AGALLOCH, Matt Howden and cellist Jo Quail in tow, as well as on WÖLJÄGER, which will give a music theatre for the Best. Already on Thursday evening (28.07.) there is a Special Troll music with ALVENRAD and THE GOOD HAND / MIRNA’S FLING. Both the music theatre and the Troll music concert night, however, not in the cave but in the hönnetal hall in Balve-Beckum.

Running Order:

Thursday (Hönnetal Hall, Balve-Beckum):
19.00 Troll Music Concert In The Evening
Alvenrad / Mirna's Fling / The Good Hand

Friday (Cave Of Balve, Balve):
15.20 Hecate
17.10 Germ
18.30 Les Discrets
20.15 Iron Mountain
21.45 Secrets of the Moon
23.30 before have helrunar

Saturday (Hönnetal Hall, Balve-Beckum)
11.00 Wöljager (Music, Theatre, Seats)

Saturday (Balver Cave):
13.50 Völur
15.10 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
16.50 Antimatter
18.30 GlerAkur
20.00 Alcest
21.50 Sol Invictus
23.20 Vemod


The price per ticket is 86,90 Euro (incl. Pre-sale fee).
This includes a programme book in hard cover, and a Festival Sampler CD.
The cards are limited.

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