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Publish "Anywehere You've Gone"-Lyric Video

Publish "Anywehere You've Gone"-Lyric Video
April 08, 2019

FOREVER have released a Lyric Video for "Anywhere You've Gone". It is a driving is the AOR-Song, complete with catchy melodies. The linchpin of the powerful vocals of Mastermind Jonas Wikstrand. "Anywhere You've Gone" is the first Single from the upcoming debut album "Forever". On the plate was mainly as a drummer of ENFORCER known Wikstrand worked for a long time:

"I dreamed of the Album I have for years, and although I have the Album already finished, I'm still very proud of the result. I'm so excited to present to the Board at last in its entirety to the Public.“

"Forever" appears on the 19. April via Evil Confrontation Records. The plate will be available as CD, Vinyl, cassette and on all major digital platforms available.

"Forever"-Tracklist and Cover:

01. Anywhere You've Gone
02. Call Out My Name
03. Got Me
04. Train
05. Rosebud
06. Runaway Through Time
07. Hell to Pay
08. Mayday
09. Blame Me for Trying
10. Hope