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Publish "Chemical Dependency"-Rerelease

Publish "Chemical Dependency"-Rerelease
February 27, 2020

The cult-thrashers ATROPHY announce a re-release of the demo "Chemical Dependency". The six Songs contained on it were all re-mastered.

As a Bonus, the new version contains four live recordings from a gig in Toronto, Canada from the year 1989. "Chemical Dependency" appears on the 28. February on all digital channels. Physical variants are not announced by the Band yet.

1. Chemical Dependency (Demo)
2. Rest In Pieces (Demo)
3. Preacher, Preacher (Demo)
4. Suicide Pact (Demo)
5. Product Of The Past (Demo)
6. Beer Bong (Demo)
7. Killing Machine (Live)
8. Rest In Pieces (Live)
9. Product Of The Past (Live)
10. Beer Bong (Live)

ATROPHY need your help

At the beginning of March starts the first European tour of the Thrasher for almost 30 years. In order to celebrate the 30. Birthday of their album "Violent By Nature". Support are BLACK SACHBAK.

Due to the growing number of cases of the Coronavirus in Italy, cancelte the Club Milano the planned Show in Milan. Therefore, the Bands are still looking for a new opportunity to perform for the 9. March. Who the guys help out, or contact can convey, may be the case of beer Bong Booking report.

WE NEVER BACK DOWN AND WE NEVER GIVE UP!Bookers, promoters, friends – 9/3 is now open because of CoronaVirus in North...

Posted by beer Bong Booking on Tuesday, 25. February 2020

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