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Publish "Proud Woman"-Video

Publish "Proud Woman"-Video
March 06, 2020

BLUES PILLS have released the music video to "Proud Woman". So the Band just before the international women's day, 8. March, a clear sign of equality:

"With 'Proud Woman' we wanted to give the strong women and Grrrls this world, a Power anthem that you can listen when you need power. Or if you just want to have fun. A Song for everyone who stands behind the most obvious thing of all: equality and unity. Whoever you are and wherever you come from. Women will always be an important force of change. And the change will come!“


The vocal line of the song is reminiscent of soul legend Aretha Franklin. Musically, Proud Woman returns "" snotty Blues-rock, the the Band of their hardest shows.

About the Lyrics, singer Elin Larsson reveals:

"'I'm a proud woman,' came from deep in my heart and the first thing I thought was: someone must have already written. And if not, why not? Hey! Then it is fucking time for this!

If you are in the music business a woman or non-binary, it seems to sometimes go more to the sex than to the music. As a woman, you will put down, threatened, stared at, mocked and harassed, as it happens to men in the music industry only rarely. And yet there are women in this business as strong characters have left as men, and this is also still to do and despite all of the obstacles that you just because you women are in the way are thrown, what are your achievements even more significant power.“

"Holy Moly" opened a new Chapter

The new Album "Holy Moly" appears on the 19. June. "Proud Woman" is the first of the new BLUES PILLS Song since the Album "Lady In Gold" from the year 2016. Thus, it is also the first Track without the former guitarist Dorian Sorriaux. In the fall of 2018, he had to leave the Band to pursue new musical challenges.

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